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There are four sections to this proposal. The first section looks at my latest my latest work, Paintings for a Robot. Here I’m proposing the use of film editing technologies to rapidly create merged images that work as paintings. My first attempt at this is documented in the short film below. I was interested in creating abstract images that I feel are as interesting as any traditional abstract paintings I’ve seen. My second foray into creating virtual paintings combined traditional paintings with a wide variety of images that I have shoot over the decades. I have no doubt that robots will be capable of creating high resolution paintings in the near future, meaning artists will be freed from the time consuming tedium of fine art painting. I consider myself a pioneer in the use of digital techniques to create “pre-paintings” that will be rendered by complex painting robots in the not too distant future.

Section two, Minimalist Videos, looks at the work I’ve concentrated on over the past 15 years. These wall art minimalist videos exist somewhere between photographs and film. Section three looks at work that I hope is more accessible; Montage Videos that comment on the rise of Christian Nationalism in the U.S. and the coming new urbanism as defined by Las Vegas, the first 21st Century city. All of the videos in sections two and three are intended to be viewed in a gallery or museum setting as wall videos. They are intended to be viewed over time, like a painting, rather than viewed in a single sitting, like most films.

Section 4 has examples of Proposals for Photo-Sculptures, virtual sculptures I created based on photographic imagery. These include works for Washington, D.C. and Stone Mountain, Georgia, home of a colossal monument to Confederate heroes. With the Washington D.C. works I suggest public art pieces that elevate attitudes concerning the need for a big science solution to carbon based energy issues. The Stone Mountain works are suggested sculptures based on Civil War photographs. I would hope these works would disabuse Southerners from their romantic delusions about the Civil War.

 1. Paintings for a Robot

This is the video used to generate proposals for eight colossal paintings seen below.

paint DIS TEST01rev1 .00_00_13_06.Still001.jpg
paint DIS TEST02rev1 .00_00_30_24.Still024.jpg
paint DIS TEST01rev1 .00_00_28_00.Still007.jpg
Abstract ptg REVISED3 DIS ROUGH2 components.00_02_57_20.Still012.jpg
paint DIS TEST03.00_01_35_18.Still052.jpg

New Series of Painting Proposals Generated by Film Editing Techniques: Painting Film Test 2

Montage selects elements ROUGH 2rev.00_09_55_15.Still175.jpg
Montage selects elements ROUGH 3.00_34_21_18.Still207.jpg
Test 02 ptg02.00_22_55_25.Still164.jpg
Test 01 ptg02.01_09_01_18.Still016.jpg
Test 02 ptg02.00_45_55_27.Still174.jpg
Test 02 ptg02.01_27_38_00.Still210.jpg
Test 02 ptg02.01_56_51_17.Still237.jpg
Test 02 ptg02.01_54_20_01.Still226.jpg

Preliminary Results Painting Film Test 3, August 2019

ptg03 test01.00_13_26_15.Still289 copy.jpg

Monet & DaVinci

ptg03 test01.01_27_30_10.Still365.jpg

Nude with Wilting Plant

2. Minimalist Videos: Between Film & Photography

16x9 intro minimalist videos.jpg
16x9 image warning.jpg

Video Posters: The videos can be played below this section.

A final comment on the value of painting and AG film works

16x9 new media rap.jpg

3. Montage Videos: Reacting to Nationalism

16x9 react nationalism.jpg
16x9 2 works intro South.jpg
2 works Las Vegas.jpg

4. Proposals for Colossal Photo-Sculptures

16x9 photo sculpture.jpg
Wasington Mall Proposals.jpg
edgerton 4.jpg

Model for Colossal Sculpture based on Harold Edgerton’s high speed photograph of the first nano-sceond of a atomic bomb test. Built by sculptor Kerry Moore.

PRINT Celebrents A bomb Photo-sculp.jpg
Print WWII Monument Improvement.jpg
16x9 a-bomb photosculpture.jpg
04 wash sculpture 1920.jpg
06 Wash sculpture 1920 copy.jpg
10 wash sculptures 1920.jpg
09 wash scupture 1920.jpg
St Mt intro 16x9.jpg
st mntn Sherman COMP.jpg

General Sherman overlooks Atlanta

st mntn Cotton COMP.jpg

Slave labor on the plantation

bone collector.jpg

Bone collector after a Civil War battle

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