V i d e o s  w i t h  D e s c r i p t i o n s

My art videos exist in the space between still photography and video.  I don't expect viewers to stare these works with the same kind of rapt attention one views a TV drama. They are best appreciated as on demand works not unlike images in a book. I like to think of these as partially animated photographs. Be sure and turn on the 1080p HD button on the lower right side of the video screen. 


SLOW HATE is about Stone Mountain, Georgia, The Klan, and the 1915 film BIRTH of a NATION. We see slowed down scenes from Birth of a Nation plus slow motion recordings of a Confederate flag rally at Stone Mountain. Anti-racist protestors and their battle with riot police are contrasted with the sanctioned Confederate flag demonstrations. Finally, the filmmaker proposes changes to the Confederate Memorial on the side of Stone Mountain.


73 Americans is the 5 minute festival version of 278 Americans. In 2012 I recorded events at the Mardi Gras celebration in Pensacola, Florida. 73 Americans was made by shooting from a truck towing a float at the parade. My camera seemed to elicit everything from obscene gestures to primate howling sounds. 


278 Americans is the longer gallery version of 73 Americans and is the original version of the recordings made at the Pensacola Mardi Gras in 2012. This video is designed to be shown on a large flat screen on a wall or in a darkened room in a gallery setting.  

Holi Becomes Chaos was shot in Barsana, India, in 2003. Holi is a traditional spring celebration featuring the throwing of colored powder, dancing, singing, flirting, feasting, all those things one expects at a public event where the loss of inhibitions is sanctioned. 

162 Citizens in Trump Country was shot with a low cost camera capable of high quality slow motion recordings. Here I did a hand held scan of parade celebrants at the Mobile, Alabama Mardi Gras in 2016. Later that year Mobile was one of the few American cities where Donald Trump received more votes than Hillary Clinton.


The first slow motion study I made was recorded in Totonicopan, Guatemala in 1995.  The Maya are perhaps the most resilient of all the indigenous cultures of the new world. They have maintained their traditional lifestyle and beliefs despite centuries of occupation. Here, they look at the gringo cameraman with an understandable contempt.

Another early crowd study was recorded at a little known running of the bulls event in Coria, Spain, in 2001. I shot this with an ancient Bolex 16mm camera. When the footage was slowed down I discovered this young man caught between two rampaging bulls. Machismo seemed like the best possible title for this study of young men publicly demonstrating their courage in this dangerous ritual. 


Descending onto The Strip was recorded in 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The open-air escalators delivering celebrants onto the famous Strip was a perfect opportunity to let my camera record thousands of vacationers as they slowly glided downward. 

The Throw was recorded at the Mobile, Alabama Mardi Gras on January 30, 2016. Here, pre-adolescents plead for The Throw, beads and other prizes thrown from a parade float. 

The Agony & Two Ecstacies was recorded at a college football game in Atlanta, Georgia on November 19, 2016.  These young fans react to the games machinations with unbridled sorrow and ecstacy.   

Waiting to Ascend the Eiffel Tower was recorded in Paris in 2012. This was actually recorded as a series of stills images captured in time lapse mode. I then slowed down the footage radically, revealing people dealing with the interminable delays required to go up the famous landmark. 

 24 Mardi Gras Dancers documents a spontaneous coordinated dance event before the Mardi Gras parade started. There is a lot of showing off sexual attributes in this video.

Working the Street in Las Vegas, recorded in 2012, studies Dimos, a small person Elvis impersonator as he works the street for tips in exchange for posing for photographs. Dimos earns a decent living both as a street artist and as a performer in shows. His wife, also a small person, sometimes works as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

Two Studies in Peru, recorded in Cuzco and Lima in 2013, looks at people working the tourist trade. These child street performers in Cuzco are making fun of drunken Europeans to the amusement of mostly European tourists, some of whom were undoubtedly drunk. Unflattering masks of Europeans are common throughout Amer-Indian areas in Latin America.

One Take Study in Melbourne was recorded in 2014. One of the hardest things to do with these slow motion recordings is to get a continuous long take that is interesting. This recording, made outside of the famous Flinders Train Station, captures pedestrians lost in thought as they commute to their everyday activity in this sophisticated urban center.