William A. Brown  

368 Moreland Ave. NE

Atlanta, Ga. 30307

404/523-9660 (office)




B.A. Emory University, 1969.

M.F.A. University of Florida, 1975.  

Thesis, University of Florida, 1975:  The Photographic Book as an Art Object: A Survey of the Photographer's Use of the Book Format.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:                                 

Founder and majority owner of Atlanta Video, a television production company specializing in educational and cultural programming (1976-present).           

 Co-founder of Image Film/Video Center, Atlanta Georgia

Co-founder of Nexus Arts Center (Now The Contemporary Arts Center), Atlanta, Georgia.



Emory University, Atlanta Ga., Senior Lecturer, 2003-13, Lecturer, 1999-2002. Part time faculty, 1974-1999. Film Studies & Art History Department. Studio Program Director: 1985-97, 2004-07.  Senior Lecturer Emeritus from 2014. 

 Atlanta College of Art, 1977-78, 1986-87. Instructor in History of Film and Photography, Advanced Video Production.

Georgia State University, 1977, Instructor in Film and Photography



President and Senior Producer and Atlanta Video, Inc. a production company specializing in cultural and educational programming, 1976-present. Provider of broadcast services to NBC programming, HBO, CBS Sports, ESPN, PBS, MTV, and the TBS Network. Producer of documentary programs to The Arts and Entertainment Network, Public Broadcasting Service Network, and Court TV.


Contributing writer for "Art Papers", Atlanta Ga., Reviews on film, photography, and emerging new media technologies (1980s).

Reviewer for "Southern Independent" on avant-garde video (1980s).    



Production grant for Double Exposure, Center for Creativity in the Arts, 2008 ($3,000)

Production grant for Stabat Mater, various sources, Emory University, 2008 ($14,800)

Production Grant from MTV Network, 2006, for production of a student produced and directed MTV video on the band Cartel ($15,000).

Georgia Council for the Arts, production grant for Art Waves, a show on contemporary Art in Atlanta, 2005/06.

 Emory University, ICIS grant for editing of “Living Across Borders”, 2005.

Emory University, URC grant for a film on the Holi celebration in India, 2003.  

Private donor, grant for continued production of “Living Across Borders”, 2003.

Private donor, grant to start a pilot Video Documentary Program at Emory University. 2003 ($100,000)

Provost’s grant, for continued production of “Living Across Borders”, 2002.

Emory University, Office of University Community Partnerships, research grant, 2002.

Emory University , ICIS grant for initial production of “Living Across Borders”, 2001

Fulton County Endowment for the Arts Media Grant 1985

Georgia Council for the Arts Filmmakers Grant 1986

NEH Script Development Grant 1987

NEA Artists Grant 1977.




Echoflux 19 Music and Art Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 2019

FILE Video Art Exhibit, SESI Gallery of  Art, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2019 

2018 COCA Art Prize. Selected Video Art category

DELETE TV Festival, London, 2019

Americas Film Festival, New York, 2017

Muestra Internacional de Cine Indepndiente Otros Cines, San Nicolas, Argentina, 2018.

Roma Cinema DOC, Rome, Italy, 2016

Echofluxx 16, New Media, Music, and Art Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016

London Shows International Film Festival, 2016

Tallahassee International Juried Competition, FSU Museum, 2016

Phoenix Film Festival, Melbourne Australia, 2015

International Video Art Festival of Camaguey, Cuba, April 2015

Screening of Experimental Documentaries at Mason de la Culture douta speck deDakar, Senegal, January 2014.

 Anthology Film Archives, NYC, Experimental Documentaries screening, 2012

Corcoran Gallery, School of Art & Design, Transients Video Show 2011

One Take Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2006

Seoul Net Fest, Seoul Korea, 2001

L'immagine Leggera, Palermo, Italy, 2001 (Jury Award)

Hamburg Short Film Festival, 2000.

Tokyo International Video Festival, 1984.

World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Netherlands, 1983.

Oberhausen Film Festival, 1982.

Solo Show:

Visual Arts Gallery, Emory University, 2008  Trying to Paint with a Camera: Photographic Strategies and Traditional Media 


Society for Photographic Education Media Festival, 2019                                                                                                                                                          

80x80 Juried Art Show, Mint Museum, Charlotte, N.C. (Holi Becomes Chaos), 2016

Telestrations Video and Performance Showcase, Brooklyn, NY, 2015, Curated by Alex Sloane, PS1, Museum of Modern Art

Nihilist Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, 2006

Atlanta Film and Video Festival: 2004, 2003, 2001 (two films), 2000, 1999, 1976, 1977, 1979. (First award in video, 1976)

Not Still Art Festival, Brooklyn, 2004, 2003, 2000, Boston Cyber Arts Festival 2001 (epilogue video).

Cinema Lounge, Internet showcase for short films, 2000. 

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Juror's Award 1979. Touring Program 1984.

U.S. Film and Video Festival, 1983.

New Films from the New South, Touring exhibition, 1983

The Kitchen, New York, Video from the South, 1983.

Sinking Creek Film Festival, Juror's Award 1977 and 1983.

San Francisco Experimental Film Festival, 1982.

Ithaca Touring Video Festival, 1982.


SECAC 2016 Juried Competition (278 Americans).

 MOCA GA., Fall 2003, Group Show Georgia Film/Video Artists

Faculty Show, Trust Company Gallery, Fall 2003, Atlanta, GA.

One Person Video Screening, Emory Visual Arts Studio, 2002

The Avant-Garde: 20 Years Later 1998. Nexus Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.

1988 Georgia Emmy for Best Cultural Program of 1987.

The Avant-Garde: 12 in Atlanta, Heath Gallery Atlanta, Ga. 1984.

Southeastern Video Competition, Virginia Museum, 1982.

High Museum of Art, Video Screening 1977.

Group Show, 1979, "The Avant-Garde: 12 in Atlanta."

Solo Show: Visual Arts Gallery, Emory University, 2008 Trying to Paint with a Camera: Photographic Strategies and Traditional Media            


Art Since 1960, 5 part educational series dealing with contemporary art.

Spaces and Illusions, 20 minute documentary on the children's exhibit at the High Museum of Art.

Carlton Garrette, 15 minute documentary on Georgia folk artist Carlton Garrette for the High Museum of Art.

Earth and Sky, 20 minute educational program on Southeastern Indians for the High Museum of Art.

Atlanta's Own Masterpiece, 3 public service commercials featuring Alistair Cooke for the High Museum of Art.

High Museum, 12 minute documentary on Richard Meier's design of Atlanta's High Museum building.   

Apocalypse Then (1986) , 30 minute national broadcast quality documentary on the collapse of the Maya Indian civilization in AD 900. National broadcast on The Arts and Entertainment Network in 1988 (EMMY award).

Fall of the Aztec and Maya Empires (1998) , 60-minute program on the conquest and destruction of the temple cities of Mexico and Central America. Distributed internationally by Quetsar Productions, Chicago. Currently available on Amazon Prime.

The Aztec Apocalypse, (2002) 60 minute documentary on the conquest and collapse of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital.  

Art Waves (2005), 30 minute program on contemporary Art in Atlanta (Georgia Arts Council Grant, 2005).

Stabat Mater (2008), 60 minute HD PBS program on the live performance of Richard Prior’s Pulitzer Prize nominated Stabat Mater Symphony. Broadcast statewide of GPTV 2009.

An Enigma Inside a Puzzle: Salvador Dali, Video on Artist Salvador for the High Museum of Art, 2010.

Living Across Borders, 2011 (Interactive Multimedia Video located Southern Spaces web site) Documentary on immigration issues in collaboration with Mary Odem, History Department, and Allen Tullos, I.L.A., Emory University.

The Art of Golf, Video Installation at the High Museum of Art, 2012.


EXPERIMENTAL WORK (Since 1990 only)               

Meso American Scan Series, 1992, is an experimental multi-media work in which the conventions of documentary photography are translated into works for a high resolution screen.

Stone Mountain Alteration Project, 1997, is an experiment in creating street portraits for display on large scale digital display screens. As a display venue, I proposed covering up the confederate heroes portraits on Stone Mountain and installing a large digital screen for showing these images.

This is Not Television, 1998, is one of the first, if not first works shown on a high resolution flat wall display screen. This work consists of extremely slow motion documentary film images from Guatemala, New York, and Mexico City.

Third World/First World, 1998, is the projection version of This is Not Television. It consists of two shots: one of Totonicopan, Guatemala and the other of Wall Street, New York. Each scene is expanded by a factor of twenty for a total running time of 15 minutes.        

22 Seconds in Spain, 1998, was shot in Spain during the summer of 1998.It is the projection version of over two hours of material shot for ultimate display on a flat wall screen in an architectural environment. This film consists of a single shot of a bull running festival in Coria, Spain.

Grand Central Television, 1999, a video study proposing the covering of the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal in New York with a pliable video playback screen. This screen would be filled with slow motion images taken from the streets of Manhattan.

64 Seconds in Georgia, 2000, flat wall screen video documenting the crowd and performers at a local wrestling event. Slow motion techniques are used to deconstruct and recontextualize the wrestling experience.    

Virtual Tombstone Project, 2001, a proposal for a video tombstone featuring the artist's work and his speculations on the future of media.

Piece for a Collapsing Bridge and Voice, 2001, a video with slowed footage of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse and a modulated operatic voice.    

Virility, Virgins, and Humiliation in Spain, 2002, a video portrait, using slow motion and computer color manipulations, of a running of the bull’s event in Coria Spain.                

Religion in Black and White, 2002, a video with slowed footage and color manipulations of two religious services- a traditional African American service and a fundamentalist snake handling service.

Mexico Burning, 2003, experimental video examining the use of fire in traditional and public events in Mexico.    

Ritual Light, Ritual Space, Ritual Time, 2003, experimental video looking at snake handling in Georgia, a Holi celebration in India, and a running of the bulls in Spain. 

Equinox, 2007, experimental video on the Holi celebration in India.  

Serpent Handlers, 2005, short video documenting snake handlers in North Georgia.

Car Talk 2006 (High Resolution Short Video) Collaboration with Sally Rydell in Dance.

Desperate Politicians 2006 (22 minute demo) Political Satire featuring animated puppets of current political leaders.

Machismo 2006 Re-edit of 22 Seconds in Spain emphasizing machismo elements of the Running of the Bulls event in Coria Spain recorded in 1998.

Double Exposure, 2008, 16 minute high definition collaborative video with choreographer Sally Radell.

Video Starring Four Light Bulbs, 2009. Single channel installation video produced for permanent installation at the George R. Brown Convention Center.   

Piece for Theremin and Swinging Light Bulbs, 2009. Video work involving a theremin player and images from Light Corner, an experimental film by William Brown.

Descending into Las Vegas, 2011, Slow motion study of revelers descending an elevator in Las Vegas.

36 Seconds in Las Vegas, 2011, Slow motion study of a small person Elvis Impersonator in Las Vegas.

Five 1 Second Videos, 2012, an experiment in anti-epic one second filmmaking.

27 Seconds in Pensacola, 2012, slow motion studies of parade spectators at a Mardi Gras celebration.

Mardi Gras in Pensacola, 2012, slow motion studies of dancers ay a Mardi Gras celebration.

Waiting to Ascend the Eiffel Tower, 2012, Time lapse recording of tourists waiting their turn to ascend the famous landmark.

B&W Two Crowd Studies, Pensacola, Florida, 2014, Re-edit of footage shot at Mardi Gras in 2012.

Holi Becomes Chaos, 2015, Re-edit of footage shoot in India, 2007, at a Holi celebration.

13 Seconds in Buenos Aires, 2015, slow motion crows studies recorded in Buenos Aires.

One Take Study, Melbourne, 2015, slow motion crowd study recorded in Melbourne Australia.

278 Americans, 2015, Study of Mardi Gras Revelers recorded in 2012.   

162 Parade Enthusiasts, 2016, Study of parade spectators at the Mobile Mardi gras event. 

162 Citizens in Trump Country, 2017, Study of parade spectators at the Mobile Mardi Gras event.

Slow Hate, 2017,  Study of relatiuonships between Birth of a Nation, The Klan at Stone Mountain, GA., and recent demonstartions at Stone Mountain. Includes proposed changes to Confederate Memoerial.

Dissolving Las Vegas, 2018, is a montage work consisting of images from Las Vegas taken over a six year period. Las Vegas, the brightest city on earth when viewed from space, is portrayed in this expressionistic work as an urban area unrestrained by civil planning, resource restraints, or non mercantile considerations. It is, for better or worse, the future of urbanism in America.   

The South in Black & White, 2018. This is another montage work that looks at the South through three lenses- that an a romanticized past, the urban New South, and the Conservative Rural South.  

 New South/Old South, 2019. Full color version modified version of The South in Black & White.

Showing Slowly. 2019. Six 12 second studies of people in groups.

10 Artificial Reflections, 2019. 10 slow dissolves between 5th Avenue shoppers in NYC and store window displays.


SHOWS: 2007-2009(Photography and New Media)

Group Show, National Juried Exhibition, Altered Photography, Univ. of West Florida, 2010.

Group Show, Visual Arts Faculty, Emory School of Medicine, 2009

Group Show, University of Mobile Juried Exhibition, 2009

Emory University, Visual Arts Gallery, One Person Show, February 2008

North Charleston Cultural Center, Two Person Show, August 2008

Group Show: The Audacity of Desperation: Urbana Illinois Independent Media Center, May-June 2008

Sea and Space Gallery, Los Angeles, California, Fall 2008  

Selected for Inclusion at the photography web site Lens Culture, 2014.



2009, Purchase Award, Permanent Video Installation, George R. Brown Convention Center Collection, Houston, Texas, International Competition. One of 17 selected video artists by a nationally recognized panel of media arts specialists. 

Photographs in the collection of the High Museum of Art and the U.S. Information Agency.